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Author Miami Knight is the Founder/CEO of in Atlanta, Georgia, a Master Grief & Energy Healing Coach, and Usui Reiki III Master, Public Speaker", video podcast host "It's the Miami Knight Show" with “Grief Talk” segments. A Certified Home Stager, specializing in Feng Shui as the Brand Consultant for and Chief Ambassador for Bullets_4_life_Atlanta, a BulletProve Accessory Collection handmade from donated bullets  re-purposed for a purpose. Our mission is to bring awareness about senseless gun violence and its effects on our communities, on bullet at a time.

 Miami opens up about the emotional challenges she faced after losing her 22-year-old son to suicide. Along Miami’s grief journey she learned the importance of Understanding Grief and Healing . Miami’s life forever changed once she embraced her spiritual journey finding solace after three profound losses. Miami’s new normal brought about a new perspective and clear direction as she discovered spiritual healing techniques to help overcome eight years of complicated grief.


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Educate, guide, leading you to your soul’s purposeful meaning.

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Child Loss Book


 This book provides key principles of processing your thoughts which create emotions. In this grief guide on mastering your own spiritual journey, you will witness the resiliency of Miami’s heartfelt story. Miami describes how she discovered the best version of herself as she was guided to release several levels of heartache during her grief journey. She shares tips of her forever evolving daily regimens with tools on how-to thrive seeing the beauty of understanding the meaning of your personal grief journey.

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 " Through the transitioning of profound grief due to several life-changing losses, ‘The Key Process’ allowed me to tap into unfamiliar territories, places, and experiences I would have never perceived had I not gone through those eight years of loss. The one thing I never did was give up ─ I courageously pressed through paying my way forward to help others understand grief and how to heal it by awakening their spiritual self "

                                                                 -Miami Knight

The Key Process

A Grief Guide to Mastering Spiritual Healing


 Miami Knight is a Master Grief Educator and Trainer, Energy Coach and Reiki Master, Speaker, Podcaster, and Atlanta Ambassador for Bullets 4 Life. She is dedicating her life to supporting other affected by gun violence and grief. She is the Author of “The Key Process: A Grief Guide to Mastering Spiritual Healing”, and a MoonRise 2019 Medicine Sister. She is a deeply gifted healer and inspiring person. 

After experiencing three major life-changing losses within my family structure: losing my father due to complication of his congenital heart defect, my sister by a spontaneous subdural hematoma─ a building of pressure on her brain, and my beloved son Ty-Key who also suffered from a traumatic brain injury and later to suicide. My eight-year battle of suffering through traumatic loss and grief caused significant emotional scaring. I was desperate to end and heal my cumulative and complicated grief. Assisted by prayers, therapy, guides and coaches, I transitioned through the recovery process by understanding the uniqueness of the five stages of grief. Which led me to educating others realizing they too could sort through personal and painful grief that stemmed from loss.

It took months for me to sit with the complexities of my emotions, those that identified the most awful parts of my past. They were hidden scars I had been harboring for so long that I hadn’t healed. Well, I’ll tell you what. Those past fears resurfaced with a vengeance, which provoked several triggers during my grieving process. I bargained each death by stating if I could have, would have, and/or should have. Wondering could I have made any difference. I was so bothered by my inability to do more for my loved ones. I’m sure it was the initial shock of losing each of them. My healing process took more than prayer, more than friendship, and the frequent family check-ins. It took all that I had, to give to myself, and forgive myself. The process started when I reengage myself socially. The expectation of grief support is being present for the griever. In healing the griever also has to become present. Being around my peers gave me the normalcy I needed. 

Journaling has always been an outlet for me to release emotions, so I wrote. Seeing my thoughts come alive sparked a passion within me to reclaim my power. I wanted the answers to my whys, but I was having such a difficult time with my responses to each loss. I hadn’t become clear of the emotions I was feeling. Reading online grief and loss material set me back even further. I felt overwhelmed; realizing I wasn’t ready, but I kept trying as my heart healed, my mission became fierce. I was committed to finding a cure, a cure that would resolve the pains of my heart, which eventually led me on a path of self-discovery. 

Along this journey I had to focus and stay on task for the outcomes I was seeking. What was the outcome one might ask? Well, you’re right in the middle of it all. You’re right here with me as I am forever transforming even as you read this. There has been a series of things that has guided me throughout this process which were KEY. Discovering my own unique life path was where I became enlightened of my true purpose. And the more I became aware, I learned to honor, embrace, and own it. Throughout this book, I will share with you the five common grief stages and responses I’ve experienced: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, and Acceptance. I will show my transparency during an eight-year span and how my life changed completely. For one, I became a new person, a new being. Losing each one of my family members was an eye-opening experience. Did you know the number eight symbolizes new beginnings? Once I released negative disbeliefs from my life, I was able to connect with the Divine, to have a spiritually awakening. It all made sense; it became much more powerful and meaningful to my journey. 

I’m here to encourage others to adjust your expectations and to move beyond the pain that grief causes. I hope you embrace your past experiences with the passion and freedom of believing again. In this guide, I share the pain and suffering I endured and the strategies I use to assist me in the grief world. As your Certified Master Grief Educator & Energy Coach allow me to guide you through my grieving process, helping you recognize what your healing journey looks like as you heal by utilizing my 7 Key Grief Coaching Guide “The Key Process: A Grief Guide to Mastering Spiritual Healing.”