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The Process was Key!

In 'The Key Process: A Grief Guide to Mastering Spiritual Healing'  Miami opens up about the emotional challenges she faced after losing her 22-year-old son. Along Miami’s grief journey she learned the importance of understanding grief and ways of healing . Miami’s life forever changed once she embraced her spiritual journey finding solace after three traumatic losses. Miami’s new normal brought a new perspective and clear direction as she practiced healing techniques to help overcome eight years of complicated grief.  

Child Loss Book

This book provides key principles of processing your thoughts which create emotions. In this grief guide on mastering your own spiritual journey, you will witness the resiliency of Miami’s heartfelt story. Miami describes how she discovered the best version of herself as she was guided to release several levels of heartache during her grief journey. She shares tips of her forever evolving daily regimens with tools on how-to thrive seeing the beauty of understanding the meaning of your personal grief journey after loss.


The Key Process

A Grief Guide To Mastering Spiritual Healing

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City Gun Violence & Firearm Suicide Epidemic


S.L.U.G.G. M.O.D.E.

Surviving Loss Using Grief Guidance Managing One's Disbelief Efficiently


On  Saturday, December 17, 2011 I received the most devastating phone call. My son Ty-Key Douglas had been shot and was critically injured. As the evening progressed, I learned my son’s best friend for over 15 years had also been shot, but he tragically didn’t survive. As you can imagine this double shooting was a devastating for both families. Our children were only 17 years old.

Ty-Key survived his injuries fueled by the hate of urban street beef. For five years he lived with a traumatic brain injury; where the bullet remained lodged in order to prevent paralysis. Due to this traumatic event Ty-Key suffered from several mental health conditions such as: survivor’s remorse, PTSD, anxiety, and depression.

On January 27, 2017, being only 22 years old, Ty-Key ended his life by way of suicide with a firearm. Ty-Key was a very loving young man known to family and friends as the lyrical genius “Mr. Slugg Mode”.

Ty-Key "Mr. Slugg Mode" Douglas

Forever All White Affair

We're Still Going Slugg Mode

Surviving After Suicide Loss


Sunset: January 27, 2017


/Slugg-Mode/ AKA Ty-Key “Lil Dunk” Douglas 


A general term or statement used to attain a goal. To change your mindset, to go hard─ at work, hustle, play and/or life skills.  


The Process was Key!

 "Through the transitioning of profound grief due to several life-changing losses, ‘The Key Process’ allowed me to tap into unfamiliar territories, places, and experiences I would have never perceived had I not gone through those eight years of loss. The one thing I never did was give up ─ I courageously pressed through paying my way forward to help others understand grief and how to heal it by awakening their spiritual self"

                                                                 -Miami Knight

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