Everytown Survivor Network Training

Survivor Story Sharing Workshop

Sunday, March 29, 2020 7PM

Free  Online Training for Gun Violence Survivors

What you Will Learn:

  1. How to Share Your Story
  2. Self Care
  3. Self-Awareness
  4. Receive Feedback
  5. Identify both Challenges and Hope in the Story
  6. Clarity Choice Points
  7. Connect the dots
  8. Be Empowered

*A Zoom Confirmation Link will be sent Prior to Training

The Wounded Healer


When? Where?

Saturday, April 25, 2020 


This is a Online Event

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What's Included:

Video Content Resources, Downloadable Worksheets, Healing Circle Vibe, and Spiritual Healing Guidance. 


$20.00 +tax

Gun Violence Prevention & Intervention Goal

Miami’s dream is to assist in healing our grieving world through story-sharing of one’s unique grief journeys by utilizing training resources via webinars, in-person workshop, training's, podcast, and speaking engagements.

Miami’s prevention and intervention process includes an open forum approach “The ASK's” What are the consequences of guns and the accessibility to them? How does feelings of anger, fear, social isolation, bullying, dysfunctional home life and peer pressure attribute to gun violence in our communities?

Spirit-Mind-Body Coaching

Each healing session is designed to boost your overall awareness of grief and how one can choose to grieve well. Miami’s guidance provides transformative life skills and processes that restore physical and emotional well-being; by removing limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns allowing clients to understand grief natural responses to death and/or traumatic events.

Miami’s spirit- mind-body coaching provides hope, motivation and direction to individuals desiring to take charge of their lives after loss through spiritual healing. Miami’s healing work includes guided spiritual journey, reiki-stress reducer and relaxation dive deeper technique, balancing and cleansing chakras system, guided mediation, ancestral greeting and soul retrieval. 

Events at a Glance



The Keys to Mastering Spiritual Healing 

Come and enjoy an Energy Healing Circle led by Miami Knight           Grief Educator, Trainer, and Energy Coach 


Location: Private call ahead

Fee: $20.00

To include light refreshments and training materials

There will be healing activities along with instructional teaching.
Miami is a Shamanic Practitioner and Reiki Master with a private healing practice supporting grievers on how-to grieve well.

Demonstration of energy healing through guided journeying to meet your ancestors, spirit guides, and loved ones to release prolonged grief.  


2020 Goal and Vision Setting Workshop


Miami Knight LLC has partnered with Jared's Heart of Success Inc.
#NewYear. #NewGoals. #ClearVision. 1/26/2020 @ 2PM 

Join us at our upcoming 2020 Goal and Vision Setting Workshop. 

Youth, Teens and Adults are welcome. The workshop is designed to be engaging, fun and creative while you learn about self-empowerment, teamwork, leadership and goal setting. 

The activity is to empower and give individuals a constant reminder of what they are working towards and help define their goals. 

Refreshments will be served and
you are welcome to bring magazines or pictures that you would like to add to your vision board. 

Free event open to public

RSVP Required -Ticket entry will serve as your registration 


GA - Statewide Survivor Story Sharing Workshop

Moms Demand Action-DeKalb & Everytown for Gun Safety

Everytown Survivors Network

Moments That Survive

 RSVP for Event Location

RSVP for Event Address
Lithonia, GA 30038
Saturday, February 1, 10:30 AM
Free Training for survivors in story sharing for GA Advocacy Day.

RSVP Required 


Survivor's Day Gathering

 In honor of National Gun Violence Survivors Week on Sunday, February 2nd 1-3 PM

Please join us at the Survivors Day Gathering you can register by clicking the link 

2019 Events


Women's Circle and Grief Support

7pm - 10pm

Antlers and Wings

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Women's Circle and Grief Support

We invite you to master your own unique healing journey with Grief Educator Miami Knight, as she provides each guest with new levels of cons...

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7pm - 10pm

Antlers and Wings