A Mother's Fight to End Gun Violence


Miami Knight- Surviving After Suicide Loss #griefeducator4justice

As of December 17, 2019 there has been over 23,269 suicide deaths by firearms. It's the leading cause of gun violence. (See Evidence Based Research) Gun Violence Archive 2019 

Fundraiser for Cause Grief Book & Free Bracelet

Our Mission

Our Mission: Helping to heal traumatic losses, through grief education, gun violence awareness, and suicide prevention. Each gifted bullet has been reused and handcrafted to honor survivors and deaths caused by firearm gun violence. The goal is to achieve public safety measures that can protect people from this international health crisis through evidence based research,   effective gun policies, education, and advocacy.  #sluggmodecollection                                                                  

Bracelet Style Description

Each stretch handmade bracelet fits common wrist sizes. If you have special sizing request please email me at info@miamiknightllc.com  Each bracelet of your choice can be filled with a Heartfelt Message, Quote, Scripture and/or Personalized Statement for your loved one.

Some sizes are for extra small or extra large wrist. Once you have completed your order of The Key Process: A Grief Guide to Mastering Spiritual Healing you can add one bullet bracelet to your order absolutely FREE of charge! Yes, we are excited to give them away! Disclaimer NO CHANGES to customized orders be sure to read beading type, gemstone, casing inscription, and enhanced healing properties per your request. 

Healing Properties

Some stones promotes feelings of transformation, renewal, balance, harmony, focus, and effective communication, protection and absorption of negative energies. 

The Key Process

When you purchase a autographed copy of The Key Process here for $20.17 you'll receive a FREE Bullet Bracelet! Don't forget to fill out the Giveaway Information Form Below!

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With Your Proof of Purchase of The Key Process: A Grief Guide to Mastering Spiritual Healing. You can choose one free bracelet in our store! Yes we are literally giving away our 10K donated bullet inventory absolutely for FREE! To bless those affected by this public health crisis with the purchase of The Key Process!


The Slugg Mode Collection

Surviving Loss Using Grief Guidance

Managing Ones Disbelief Efficiently

The Official All White Mr. Slugg Mode Bracelet

Designed by Miami Knight

Miami Knight FORMER Chief Ambassador Bullets_4_Life_Atlanta_

Miami's Journey

Miami's body of work with the organization consists of collecting bullets and making handcrafted jewelry and accessories in the Atlanta region. Miami's team promoted the B4L brand by initially taking 200 + bullets off of the streets of Atlanta. In her former role she also received bullet surplus donations from a national gun manufacturer and 10K bullet donation from local gun ranges, re-purposing those bullets by sharing her story with multiple audiences affected by this public health crisis. 


Return/Exchange Policy


Miami Knight LLC. takes pride in our product and want to make sure you're 100% happy with your purchase. We want you to be passionate about your order. If the free item you received must be returned do so within three business days for exchange. Additional shipping may be required and a refund will consist of the item less shipping. Email your request to info@miamiknightllc.com

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