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Healing Services

Master Grief & Energy Healing


Is grief separating YOU from your passion? Make the decision to uplevel  your mindset by becoming your highest light! 

First let's begin by honoring the results your seeking. Be the change agent that converts your bereavement into your purpose. On your journey, you will learn that your spiritual growth connects you with increased intuition as you clear negative thoughts and emotions that may have interfered in the past. 

Acknowledging those disbelief's as you move forward is an incredible way to start a new beginning onto the path of your true life purpose. 

 Our Personalized Programs include: Understanding Grief & Loss, Meditation, Crystal & Music Therapy, 

Usui Holy Fire Reiki II Services and Mindfulness Training for Kids.

Meditation & Reiki Usui Healing


Group Mindful Meditation for Kids          Private Grief & Bereavement Coaching

Virtual-Me Time Bundle Guided Meditation & Crystal and Holy Fire Reiki

Virtual- Grief Transformation 

Sacred Session

Virtual- Grief & Bereavement Coaching

Virtual-Crystal Reiki Healing

Holy Fire Reiki Master III



There's this saying that nothing dispels ignorance like exposure. So let's explore deep into YOUR unconscious mind preparing to receive each breakthrough and infinite possibility! By educating,training and reviving OURSELVES into the images WE are meant to BE.

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