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Understanding Ways to Heal
Grief & Loss

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Ways to Support Grievers

Grief Educator & Trainer Support


Is grief separating YOU from your passion? Make the decision to up-level  your mindset by becoming your highest light! 

First let's begin by honoring the results you're seeking. Be the change agent that converts your bereavement into your purpose. On your journey, you will learn that your spiritual growth connects you with increased intuition as you clear negative thoughts and emotions that may have interfered in the past. 

Acknowledging those disbelief's as you move forward is an incredible way to start a new beginning onto the path of your true life purpose. 

 Our Personalized Programs include: 

One-on-One Coaching Plan

The 7 Key Grief Coaching Guide

Understanding Ways to Heal Grief & Loss

Stress Management Tools & Techniques

Energetic Healing Services



 Grief Talk Podcast

Reiki Me Miami Sessions

Guided Meditation 

Shamanic Charka Therapy


 Reiki Me Miami Sessions

Guided Meditation 

Charka Therapy Consulting 

Grief & Loss Recovery Support

 Grief Talk Podcast Hosting

GCCET Institute Coming in 2020! 


Grief Coaching  Certification 

for Educators & Trainers

Speaker/Workshops/ Retreats


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Speaking Engagement!

It's the Miami Knight Show 

Grief Talk-Hosting

w/Professional Mobile DJ Services

The Key Process Book Tour

The Key Process: A Grief Guide to Mastering Spiritual Healing


Grief & Bereavement Group Sessions

*Must Book ( 7-10+ for Group Sessions)


 Grief Clarity -40+Life Event Recognition

Grief Nation Listeners-Silent Retreats 

Healing Through the Stages of Grief

Stress Management Techniques 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Specialized Grief Topics:

The 7 Key Grief Guide Toolkit  

The Benefits of Feeling My Emotions

Suicide Loss and Those Left Behind

Parent Loss, Where Am I Now?

Grieving the Loss of My Sibling

How to Forgive Others After A Homicide Loss


Donate A Bullet. Save A Life! 

Bullet Donation Drive & Demonstration


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