Understanding Ways to Heal Grief & Loss

A Grief & Healing Support Movement

Understanding Ways to Heal Grief & Loss

A Grief & Healing Support Movement



Miami Knight LLC is a grief recovery, awareness, early intervention and prevention company. We specialize in supporting the griever, through grief coaching and bereavement, peer group healing circles, and community based violence intervention for gun violence and suicide prevention. We are known for our grief education and training programs, energetic healing services, podcast, speaking engagements, workshops, retreats and fundraiser for cause bracelets. 

Honoring the Life of Ty-Key

 After losing her son to firearm suicide, Miami Knight turned her pain into action and became a certified grief coach to help other survivors.

She knows that Mike has invested in making sure guns don't fall into the wrong hands, and his gun safety reform policy will save lives.

Ways to Support Grievers


Grief Educator & Trainer Support

Grief Educator & Trainer Support

Grief Educator & Trainer Support

Is grief separating YOU from Defining Your Purpose? 

Challenge yourself by making YOU the priority. Let's move from your past into the NOW! 

Honor your unique grief journey, become your highest light! 

  I became a Grief Educator to assist others in articulating their goals through bereavement recovery. Allowing them to share their loss in a non-judgmental environment; helping them to develop and practice new skills such as: effective coping techniques and self-help strategies. 

As a coach & trainer I monitor your progress providing additional resources to support you through your transformation.

 Our Personalized Programs include: 

One-on-One Coaching Plan

The 7 Key Grief Coaching Guide

Understanding Ways to Heal Grief & Loss

Stress Management Tools & Techniques


Energetic Healing Services

Grief Educator & Trainer Support

Grief Educator & Trainer Support

In-Person & Virtual Sessions

Grief Talk

Grief & Bereavement

 Reiki Me Miami Sessions

Guided Meditation 

Charka Therapy Consulting 

Grief & Loss Recovery Support

Shamanic Journeying-Greet Ancestors


Speaker/Workshops/ Retreats

Grief Educator & Trainer Support

Speaker/Workshops/ Retreats

Book Miami Knight for your next

Speaking Engagement!

It's the Miami Knight Show 

Grief Talk-Hosting

w/Professional Mobile DJ Services

The Key Process Book Tour

The Key Process: A Grief Guide to Mastering Spiritual Healing


Grief Support Healing Circles

*Must Book 7-10+  per person for a Group Rate


Grief & Bereavement for Seniors

 Grief Clarity -43+Life Event Recognition

Grief Nation Listeners-Silent Retreats 

Healing Through the Stages of Grief

Stress Management Techniques 

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

Sandy Hook Promise (Save Club Organizer)

Specialized Grief Topics:

The 7 Key Grief Guide Toolkit 

The Gap in Services for Homicide Survivors How to Share Your Story

Grief Research Based Evidence Training

The Benefits of Feeling My Emotions

Suicide Loss and Those Left Behind

Parent Loss, Where Am I Now?

Grieving the Loss of My Sibling

How to Forgive Others After A Homicide Loss